Betreff: Re: Fwd: Witness statement from one of ourr lawyers
Von: Leif Oppermann <>
Datum: 12.07.2018 16:06
An: Adrian David Cheok <>
Kopie (CC): =?UTF-8?B?VGVyZXNhIOKAiyBSb23Do28=?= <>, Masahiko INAMI INAMI <>, Yoram Chisik <>

Am 12.07.2018 um 15:58 schrieb Adrian David Cheok:
It will look really really bad for a German government funded researcher to attack a Jewish man who had many close relatives killed at Auschwitz, especially is has absolutely nothing to do with your life, or your lab, or your work.

Wow, just wow!

Thanks for showing your true face.


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