Betreff: BBC report about David Levy being an alleged fraudster
Von: Leif Oppermann <>
Datum: 08.06.2018 11:16
Kopie (CC): Emma Yann Zhang <>,

Dear Adrian, dear Emma (cc),

I am writing to you because I am concerned by some news that I received these days. It is regarding your converence, book and journal partner for "love and sex with robots" / "lovotics", as well as repeated keynote speaker, such as at the ACE2017 in London, where we last me: David Levy.

According to the BBC, Indiegogo, and other sources around the Internet he is an alleged fraudster and might be a confidence trickster. For example, according to this news from the BBC (, news as of 6.6.18), Indiegogo is now "appointing a debt collection agency to recoup funds from the London-based company behind the campaign [..] RCL [..] Dr. David Levy, RCL's chairman". The campaign at Indiegogo is called ZV Vega+ and collected about half a million pounds, but never shipped their promised product (, if you click "Read More " and scroll to the end you will see that he even involved Sir Clive Sinclair into his campaign).

Since I know you for some 15 years, I wanted to let you know personally and ask you if:
- you knew about the allegations regarding David Levy and this campaign?
- what is your position on this?
- what are you planning to do now that you know about it?

As I was writing this email, I received a press release for LSR2018 from you, where David Levy is on the committee. What a disgraceful coincidence that you should really clarify.

I hope that this is all news to you and am sincerely looking forward to your response.

Best wishes,

PS: I explicitly do not wish to have my identity revealed to David Levy or anyone else from RCL, as I do not trust them.

Dr. Leif Oppermann
Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions, Fraunhofer FIT
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