Betreff: Re: BBC report about David Levy being an alleged fraudster
Von: Leif Oppermann <>
Datum: 10.07.2018 11:46
An: Adrian David Cheok <>,,
Kopie (CC): "Emma Yann Zhang (Google+)" <>,, Yoram Chisik <>

Dear Adrian,

thanks for your attention and taking the time to respond to me despite your busy schedule. Unfortunately your response does not really satisfy me, as it is rather blue eyed, to say the least. I have now made up my mind that I will never ever publish with my team at Love and Sex with Robots conference and other related publication outlets. (Not a big miss for the world, since we are not active in that domain. Still we frequently get emails about it anyway.)


I see that the damage happened to ACE already and I am not sure wether we will still be able to support that conferece series from Fraunhofer FIT, if everything just stays the same. Thus, I hope you and your team can help me to clarify and don't give me an "FDG17-response".

You say that these matter have "absolutely not [sic] relationshop to ACE conferences". Just from my own personal sampling a.k.a. ACE participation I can tell that this is not true. ACE provided a platform to David Levy in 2014 in Madeira (even stated here, as well as in 2017 in London (where he gave a keynote). ACE2018 also seems to be strongly intermingled with Love and Sex with Robots, again, and I am concerned about this.

I therefore copy in your steering committee and 2014/2017 organizers. I would like to ask for a better, official response from ACE about providing a platform for an alleged fraudster and what ACE is planning to do about it. I would also like to suggest that ACE publicly untangles the situation and maybe the two conferences afterall. On the other hand, maybe you (ACE) just want to state a public notice that you continue to fully support David Levy despite the pressing allegations? That would be equally honest. But you cannot continue to close your eyes from this just to provoke and make the press, while playing hide and seek with the academic community.

I am sincerely hoping for an answer within a week from now.

Best wishes,

Am 01.07.2018 um 10:01 schrieb Adrian David Cheok:
Dear Leif
Thanks for your enquiry. 
My relationship with David is purely about academic issues about Love and Sex with Robots and personal friendship. I know nothing about his company matters.
However I did ask David to reply to your queries and I am forwarding to you good detailed responses. I hope you are satisfied with his replies. 
Also please note these matters have absolutely not relationship to ACE conferences.
Warm wishes

On Thu, Jun 28, 2018, 20:18 Leif Oppermann <> wrote:
(Resend / RSVP)

Adrian or Emma, could I please ask you for an answer to below email
within a week?

It is kind of important for me to know if we can still support your
publication outlets from my team at Fraunhofer FIT.

Many thanks,

Am 08.06.2018 um 11:16 schrieb Leif Oppermann:
> Dear Adrian, dear Emma (cc),
> I am writing to you because I am concerned by some news that I
> received these days. It is regarding your converence, book and journal
> partner for "love and sex with robots" / "lovotics", as well as
> repeated keynote speaker, such as at the ACE2017 in London, where we
> last me: David Levy.
> According to the BBC, Indiegogo, and other sources around the Internet
> he is an alleged fraudster and might be a confidence trickster. For
> example, according to this news from the BBC
> (, news as of 6.6.18),
> Indiegogo is now "appointing a debt collection agency to recoup funds
> from the London-based company behind the campaign [..] RCL [..] Dr.
> David Levy, RCL's chairman". The campaign at Indiegogo is called ZV
> Vega+ and collected about half a million pounds, but never shipped
> their promised product
> (,
> if you click "Read More " and scroll to the end you will see that he
> even involved Sir Clive Sinclair into his campaign).
> Since I know you for some 15 years, I wanted to let you know
> personally and ask you if:
> - you knew about the allegations regarding David Levy and this campaign?
> - what is your position on this?
> - what are you planning to do now that you know about it?
> As I was writing this email, I received a press release for LSR2018
> from you, where David Levy is on the committee. What a disgraceful
> coincidence that you should really clarify.
> I hope that this is all news to you and am sincerely looking forward
> to your response.
> Best wishes,
>  Leif
> PS: I explicitly do not wish to have my identity revealed to David
> Levy or anyone else from RCL, as I do not trust them.

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Dr. Leif Oppermann
Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions, Fraunhofer FIT
Tel.: +49 (0)2241 - 14-2724