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This page contains a list of projects, activities, and publications related to the topic of Industrial Meraverse .


Date Type Title Notes
2021-2023 Website Industrial Metaverse Industrial Metaverse topic landing-page at Fraunhofer ICT group (of which Fraunhofer FIT is the godfather)
2022 Talk Metaverse: Fakt oder Fiktion? (video) Cube Class Fraunhofer FIT | hub.berlin 2022. Slides
2022 Paper There's more than one metaverse (i-com journal) History, 7-rule definition, examples from different industries
2022 Paper & Video Industrial Metaverse: Supporting remote maintenance with avatars and digital twins in collaborative XR environments (CHI) CHI work-in-progress paper with video-demo explaining the prototype
2023 Trade-Fair / PM Hannover Messe 2023: The Industrial Metaverse at your fingertips Fraunhofer "Industrial Metaverse" lead-exhibit (from 16) at Hannover Messe 2023
2023 Ministry / PM Bundesdigitalminister diskutiert mit 100 Expertinnen und Experten mögliche Anwendungsfelder immersiver Technologien We presented our industrial metaverse demonstrator for VIPs as as example of German research in this domain


Date Name Funding Notes
2020-2024 5G Troisdorf IndustrieStadtpark BMDV German national project with 5G remote maintenance showcase, a.k.a. "Industrial Metaverse"

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