Game Over(?)

As all research projects, TOTEM has by now also come to an end. It was a great journey and we would like to thank everyone who collaborated with us during the past three years.

Please have a look at our "Tools" and "Games" section to see some of our final results. Also, don't hesitate to contact us for further inquiries.

We are already working on more things to come.


TOTEM presented on "Learning with mobile media" convention

TidyCity Authoring

From 24th to 26th september 2012 the "Lernen mit mobilen Medien" (Learning with mobile media) convention took place in Josefstal near Munich, Germany. The event was organized by the "Edunauten" which is a relatively new network to support mobile learning by providing links to appropriate tools, a map with concrete offers, organizations and renting options. The three days were organized in a barcamp style and offered lots of time for the exchange of thoughts and tools. On the second day several interested convention participants used the chance to try out the TidyCity authoring tools in order to built an example mission for the surrounding area. The participants that mostly had a pedagogical background were impressed how easy-to-use the tools were. On the third day the TOTEM.Designer and TOTEM.Scout were presented as more powerful tools for advanced users.

Tidy City goes TV

Some camera crews also covered our Tidy City mission at PLACCC in Budapest. In the first video you can see national celebrities Young G and Stereo 2.0 compete against each other while trying to solve a riddle. The second video is a more serious documentation of the game (skip to 20:44 for Tidy City).


PLACCC experiences

While Tidy City is still running today and tomorrow, we have already returned home and left the game in the competent hands of the local organizers. It was a great experience and I think we created an interesting mission that does not focus on the famous sights (of which there are plenty in Budapest) but rather on local events and unusual history. The mission is available in Hungarian and English, so you can also try your luck when visiting Budapest next time. It might be a good idea to get a local to help though as otherwise riddles like this might be tricky:

Do not look at the girl!

Last straw? Banking-replacement? Magic? While the ancient alchemists strived to transform base metals to gold, the well-known owner of this outlet transforms gold into Hungarian Ft and produces remarkably tasteful commercials at the same time. In some sense this represents the opposite of one of the figures in another riddle. Another possible hint: despite common sense the shop does not sell chess figures.

Here are some press reports about the game:
Budapester Zeitung (German)
HIR24 (Hungarian)
Nepszava (Hungarian)
Kulturpart (Hungarian)

We would like to thank the great guys from the PLACCC team again for inviting us and the great organization! Köszönöm!


Tidying up Budapest

Together with our Tidy City game designer Michael Straubig we are currently in Budapest and preparing a local Tidy City mission. With the great help of local dramaturg Kriszti Kovacs we have collected all pictures and GPS positions needed for the task and are now in riddle-writing mode.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the characters you are going to meet during the game:

The game will be staged during the PLACCC festival which features various site-specific performances and art in public spaces. You can play Tidy City from September 21st until 25th every afternoon, and we also provide you with smartphones. Our base is Cafe Jedermann in the 9th district.

So in case you are in Budapest, and in case you like to think on your feet (and walk on your feet) stop by and explore the city with Tidy City! 

Long night of the Museums

Our friends of the Computerspielemuseum in Berlin (Museum for Computer Games) participated in the "Lange Nacht der Museen" (Long night of the Museums) two weeks ago. During this event all museums in Berlin are open until very late and people can just buy one ticket to visit all of them.

They also created a mission for Tidy City around Karl-Marx-Allee and handed out smartphones to interested visitors who could then try to solve the mysterious mess that waited for them. Maybe we will soon see some more missions in Berlin?

Here are some impressions from the event:

Wandertag (II)

While the days before the Wandertag were rather rainy and cold, yesterday the weather was just perfect for a nice stroll around the outskirts of Bonn. As every year, quite a few people participated and Campus Birlinghoven was packed with people.

Tidy City was played by some of the hikers, and especially families. Feedback was good, but especially battery drain prooved to be a problem on the longer hiking tracks (12.5km for example). Nevertheless we hope we inspired players to now go out and create their own missions!

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