Treasure Hunt


In treasure hunt players explore the physical world through the use of an android phone or tablet. Players are given a starting location and receive instructions on how to find the next location on the hunt. These instructions come in the form of a riddle that the player has to solve. These riddles are written with an educational goal in mind. Players have to find the treasure by going from flag to flag, in order to do so they answer riddles that are structured to be elementary level algebra questions. With these riddles, players recieve a location, heading and an unknown number of steps. To reveal the correct amount of steps players will need to solve the riddle and take steps in the correct direction. If the player thinks he is in the right location he can use the dig option to dig for the next hint. If the player is correct the next hint will be revealed and he can progress in the game. If the player is not in the correct location he can buy the answer to the riddle for 5 coins. Coins can be collected using the AR view. This will show 3D coins near the player. The player can pick up these coins by walking near them.


                  Main game screen                                                  Current riddle                                                            Score



The game was conceived and implemented by Thomas Buijtenweg, Tabita Dubei and Elena Pop during the summer school mixed-reality hackathon at FIT Fraunhofer.