ARDevCamp and ARWorld in Düsseldorf

TOTEM was present both at the ARDevCamp and at the ARWorld that just happened in Düsseldorf.

During the ARDevCamp we demo'ed Tidy City to the participants who played the game for about 45 minutes in the Medienhafen. The game was really well received, so we are happy that our first public beta test was a success. Of course we also found some bugs that we are now fixing before we officially launch the final version.

If you are curious, you can download Tidy City from the "Games" are already and have a look at it. However, please keep in mind that it is still an early beta release (especially true for the Authoring tools that you can also check out already).


Afterwards we visited the ARWorld conference which was focused on business applications for augmented reality, especially in the mobile area. Several talks were very interesting and we made some exciting new contacts during the conference.

ARBcon and ARDevCamp Berlin

This weekend my colleague and member of the TOTEM team Leif Oppermann is travelling to Berlin. (There are good train connections from here (Bonn) to Berlin, so Eyjafjallajökull will not be able to stop him.)

On Friday he is a speaker at the 1st European Augmented Reality Business Conference (ARBcon) before he will join the fun at the ARDevCamp Berlin on Saturday and talk about TOTEM there.

Don't miss him!

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