Anwsers are Floating in the air...

The ARQuiz is an augmented reality game for mobile devices, fully implemented by using MPEG technologies. Like any quiz, the game consists in answering questions over a given period of time. Unlike a traditional quiz, in order to solve ARQuiz, one has to search for the answers in the physical space by look around, through the camera view of the mobile phone; one can see virtual hints embedded in the reality. Go next to one hint, collect it and read the story; the answer is between the lines…




 Playing the game

 In ARQuiz, each question has an associated story. In order to get more information about the subject, the players must explore the surroundings using their mobile devices. A map overview shows the game area and the location of all the hints. In AR view mode, the hint positions are illustrated as 3D models embeded in the real world. Once close enough to the hint location, a story will pop up.


Authoring the the game

 A web-based authoring interface allows anyone to create his own ARQuiz. Just select a location where your game should take place and input the number of questions you want to create. For each question, insert the possible answers (text or images), the location of the hint and its story. It is also possible to populate the real world with 3D graphics objects, visible in AR mode.

The authoring tool is available at