TOTEM presented on "Learning with mobile media" convention

TidyCity Authoring

From 24th to 26th september 2012 the "Lernen mit mobilen Medien" (Learning with mobile media) convention took place in Josefstal near Munich, Germany. The event was organized by the "Edunauten" which is a relatively new network to support mobile learning by providing links to appropriate tools, a map with concrete offers, organizations and renting options. The three days were organized in a barcamp style and offered lots of time for the exchange of thoughts and tools. On the second day several interested convention participants used the chance to try out the TidyCity authoring tools in order to built an example mission for the surrounding area. The participants that mostly had a pedagogical background were impressed how easy-to-use the tools were. On the third day the TOTEM.Designer and TOTEM.Scout were presented as more powerful tools for advanced users.

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