Castle Crisis

StoryCastle Crisis Screen

A mad (or at least a very angry one) scientist bears a grudge on Fraunhofer. Years ago he was not accepted at the institute and now he is ready to take his revenge by destroying Castle Birlinghoven. He has rigged the building with numerous bombs, but where are they? He calls you from time to time giving you riddles, hinting to the locations. You can always call you friend to ask for advice, but are you sure you have the time for this? The clock is ticking!

Playing the game

The game begins with calls from the “bad guy” and the “good guy” explaining in short the situation. Then the mad scientist presents his first riddle. The player must now locate the bomb and defuse it. He may call the “bad guy” to hear part of the riddle again or call the “good guy” for some advice. The bombs are portrayed by NFC tags. Once the player has located it he places his Smartphone over it and it is defused. He then receives his next task.
Points are won for every second that’s left on the clock. Furthermore, with every new level the points are multiplied and thus more points are won for the same amount of seconds in the higher levels.
With the “Health monitor” the player can track the condition of the castle – health is lost with every bomb that explodes.

Group playing the Castle Crisis game Students playing Castle Crisis


A Smartphone with Anroid 2.2 and up with an integrated NFC scanner is required to play Castle Crisis.

Authoring the game

By simply adding marbles with NFC tag, audio clips and time limit (TOTEM Scout and TOTEM Designer) new levels can be added or alternatively the game can be adapted to the specifics of another castle.


The game was conceived and implemented by Christoph Czepa, Deyan Halachliyski and Mohammad Ali Rostami during the summer school mixed-reality hackathon at FIT Fraunhofer.