WifiTour is an Android application that was developed to improve the introduction of new apprentices at Fraunhofer FIT in Sankt Augustin, Germany. During their first days the apprentices get to know many new people starting from secretaries to it administration and management. Traditionally a person accompanies them to all relevant people and introduces them. The disadvantage with this method is that it is hard to memorize the people and how to get to them on the large-area campus.

With WifiTour the apprentices have to get active and find the relevant people on their own. This helps them to memorize the people as well as the walking path to the people. Technically, the locations are identified by a specific combination of wifi networks. This combination is recorded by our Wi-Fi slam tool in advance. In building parts with not enough preinstalled wifi networks, we used temporary wifi hotspots created by smartphones for the duration of the game.