Wi-Fi Slam is an Android application that let's you record locations based on the set of surrounding Wifi networks. When you define a location, the tool checks the BSSIDs of wireless networks and stores the combination. For each location you can additionally set a photo to describe the location. Wi-Fi Slam was intended to create location-based games in buildings where GPS, the traditional way of positioning outdoors, is not working. Wi-Fi Slam can be used in any building which has sufficient wireless networks to differentiate between locations.

Wifi Slam - Scan Result  Wifi Slam - Locations  Wifi Slam - BSSIDs

Screenshots of our Wi-Fi Slam tool.


The Wi-Fi Slam tool was successfully used to author the WifiTour game at Fraunhofer FIT. With this game the new apprentices were introduced to important people at the Fraunhofer campus.