Learn while playing

Elements is a small location-based augmented reality game that utilizes the MPEG player. In the game, the players need to collect chemical elements that are displayed on a map view as well as in an augmented reality view. If the players have collected enough elements, they can combine them to molecules at special locations they need to visit.


Playing the game

In Elements, the players explore the surroundings with their smartphone. A map overview shows the game area, the location of the different elements and the locations where they can be combined. Each element is represented by a different color and can be viewed in augmented reality. When the players are near the element they can switch to the 3D view to see the elements floating in the air. The players can then collect the element and add it to the inventory.

The inventory also tells the players what other elements they need to combine them into molecules.

Once the players have all the elements needed for a molecule they can combine them at special "molecule factory" locations.