About the game

Screen of Arduinnae Game

Arduinnae, named after the Celtic goddess of hunting, is a location-based android game where you hunt monsters.

 Logo Arduinnae

How to play

Step 1: Find monsters
The device’s screen will show a map of the nearby area, and will display a number of locations the current monster you’re hunting could be. Try walking around! As you get closer to the monster’s position, you’ll notice the ‘distance’ tracker going down, and the sound effects getting more intense.

Step 2: Kill monster!

There are three different types of monsters you could run into:

 Monster 1 Monster 2 Monster 3

a) The Apparition: it can be killed by shaking the device

b) The Goblin: it can be killed by speaking a specific phrase to the device
c) The Ghoul: it can be killed by drawing a specific shape on the screen


Technical Details

Arduinnae was created for Android 4.03, makes heavy use of GPS, requires a strong data connection for the speech recognition and uses the TOTEM framework for content-generation.


The game was conceived and implemented by Tim Adam, Liana Lupsa and Sobhan Moazemi during the summer school mixed-reality hackathon at FIT Fraunhofer.