Castle Quest

Playing Castle Quest

General Idea

  • The game takes place in the campus of Birlinghoven Castle, Sankt Augustin, Germany.
  • The objective of the game is to find at certain places, marked on the campus Google Map, six pieces of a puzzle representing the map of a treasure. Then, another map of the campus is introduced, which shows the markers that need to be checked in order to find the treasure. In this part of the game, the player doesn’t dispose anymore of the Google map, which shows his GPS position. The player is guided from the help window, how to get to the marked points. An icon represents the position of the player on the map. The player can choose his icon from four characters available.

How to play

First part of the game :

  • Position yourself in the spots shown on the Google map by using your GPS device.
  • Change to AR-view to easily reach the exact position of the marker.
  • Change back to Google map view and click on the marker you reached.
  • Collect the piece you found and check to see how you’re game is evolving in the inventory tab.

    Game map

  • For help press the Help Tab in the main screen.

Second part of the game :

  • Position yourself in the start point on the treasure map.
  • Use the compass to reach all check point in the right order.
  • The game will be finished when you’d be arrived at the last check point

Further developments

The game mission is strictly linked to the location (i.e. Castle Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany). Nevertheless,
missions in other locations and introduction of other attractions (like the presence of other 3D objects in the AR-View) were planned as future projects.


The game was conceived and implemented by Alina Mihai, Veronica Mihai and Mario Pinto during the summer school mixed-reality hackathon at FIT Fraunhofer.