Report by one of our players

 One of our players in Waiblingen was media journalist Ulrike Langer. She runs a blog concerned with all things digital and has written a short (German) report about her experience that you can read here: http://medialdigital.de/2011/01/31/tidy-city-schnitzeljagd-in-der-mixed-reality/

She also included two short videos, one from the playing session and a post-game interview with me as you can see below.


Forum für Lokaljournalismus

Journalists playing Tidy City

Yesterday we gave a workshop at the "Forum für Lokaljournalismus" (Forum for local journalists). It is a nationwide event organized every year by the German Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Centre for political education) for journalists who are responsible for the "local" news. This year the main focus was aimed at new media and how the newspaper world is changed and affected by it, be it positively or negatively.


We presented the Tidy City mission that was created by local kids two weeks ago and played it with some of the journalists to give them an idea how mixed reality games and location services could be used in their context.

You can have a look at some of the pictures that they took during our game session at http://www.forum-lokaljournalismus2011.de/galerie.php?id=30


Article about Tidy City in Waiblingen

The ZVW in Waiblingen has written an article about our Tidy City activities there: http://www.zvw.de/index.php?&kat=696

Tidy City in Waiblingen

Direclty after Tutzing we travelled on to Waiblingen, a small town near Stuttgart. There we met with our partners for another exciting mini-project involving Tidy City. At the end of last year we were contacted by the local newspaper publishing house (Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen) and decided to create a mixed reality game together with them for their young audience. Tidy City seemed to fit perfectly, as this way they would not only be able to play such a game, but also leave the creation of a suitable scenario for Waiblingen into the hands of interested kids.

In total, four children were selected to become game designers and create their own Tidy City mission: Leonie, Sarah, Dominik and Jan. To begin with we played a small scenario we had prepared that morning. This way they learned how the game worked – and luckily they had lots of fun! After a short break we set out again and were now using our mobile authoring tools to capture pictures and GPS data so that a new mission for Waiblingen slowly became into being. Many thanks to the kids for their enthusiastic work!

The game will be premiered during the upcoming “Forum für Lokaljournalismus” on January 27th, which is a nationwide convention of journalists. From March 12th to March 20th local families will then have the chance to borrow phones from the newspaper and play the game in Waiblingen.

Check out the Youtube clip about the work done so far:

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