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Student games

During the last winter semester we had 8 students developing mobile mixed reality games for Android. The students were divided into 3 groups and created three very different games. In total, we enjoyed playing all games very much and they all showcase different aspects of mobile mixed reality games. Let's have a look at each one:

Omerta - Welcome to the Family

Ashwin, Vivek and Simona took a story based approach and designed a game around a young man called Joe who joins the Mafia and has to work his way to the top. The narrative is told in cut scenes consisting of atmospheric photos and audio voiceovers. The gamplay consists of several distinct missions where the player might have to steal alcohol from a supermarket (by entering a real supermarket and scanning the barcode of the bottles), flirt via multiple-choice dialogues with his flame, assassinate an enemy with the help of the accelerometer or bring a wounded friend as quick as possible to a hideout. The game is GPS based and the player needs to walk (or sometimes run) the city center of Bonn in order to solve the missions.

What we liked about the game:

  • High production values (images, audio voiceovers, music)
  • strong narrative with twists and turns
  • interesting non-player characters
  • each mission had a unique feel to it due to different gameplay

Hide and Seek

Cristina and Kumar also went for a location-based game. The game has a time limit of 30 minutes and is played by two players. One of the players has the role of the seeker, which means he must try to find the other player (the hider) in the real world to end the game prematurely. Both players have access to a map view on which they can see coins they can collect. By picking up the coins they earn points but also special powers they can use to sabotage the other player like blacking out the screen, revealing the current position or playing a loud audio file.


What we liked about the game:

  • simple but entertaining basic concept
  • collection of coins give players a second important task besides the main one (hiding or seeking)
  • special powers are fun to use


Simon and Dana created an augmented reality game. The player commands a team of three robots with different skills: fighter, scientist, medic. By commanding the robots the player has to destroy a portal that is guarded by enemy robots. As the player cannot attack the enemy herself direclty, she has to decide which robots to send where and when. The game is best played on an open ground and the player can select the difficulty level. The enemy robots are controlled by a simple AI.

What we liked about the game:

  • strategic thinking necessary to succeed in the game
  • different types of robots add right amount of complexity
  • technically very ambitious

ARBots was built with the DroidAR augmented reality framework and can be downloaded from there as well.




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