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Industrial Workshop, Paris

One aim of TOTEM is the creation of a strong community and a strong orientation towards industry. Therefore we are going to hold a variety of workshop with interested users or colleagues during the course of the project. On February 8th 2010 we saw the first of what will hopefully turn into a nice and fruitful tradition.

As we are still in the early stages of the project, we invited people from the industry to share some insight about mobile mixed reality and games in this realm with each other. We wanted to hear what "the industry" thinks at the moment, what they expect from TOTEM and how we can cooperate with each other in the future

For the first workshop we were happy to meet up with:
Peter Meier of metaio
Tom Melamed of Calvium
Tobias Kammann of RTT
Michael Straubig of i3games
Martin and Marc Maurer from empea

(We had also invited some very interesting participants from France, but they had to cancel in the end. But we hope to see them next time!)

Overall we had some rather lively discussions about games, mixed reality, augmented reality, smartphones thanks to all workshop participants. We had a nice mixture of different backgrounds ranging from suppliers of very sophisticated augmented reality solutions over mobile application providers and game designers - and also the first plans for cooperations.

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