Wandertag (II)

While the days before the Wandertag were rather rainy and cold, yesterday the weather was just perfect for a nice stroll around the outskirts of Bonn. As every year, quite a few people participated and Campus Birlinghoven was packed with people.

Tidy City was played by some of the hikers, and especially families. Feedback was good, but especially battery drain prooved to be a problem on the longer hiking tracks (12.5km for example). Nevertheless we hope we inspired players to now go out and create their own missions!


The local newspaper Genral-Anzeiger in Bonn oranizes a hiking day every year. Participants have a choice of hiking the "family route", or 10km, 20km or even 30km. Several thousand people participate usually, and for this year we have created accompanying missions for Tidy City -  as the hiking tour starts on our campus. There is even a price for the best player!

If you are near Bonn, this Sunday (September 2nd) is a great opportunity to explore the marvellous surroundings - and play some Tidy City.


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