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While Tidy City is still running today and tomorrow, we have already returned home and left the game in the competent hands of the local organizers. It was a great experience and I think we created an interesting mission that does not focus on the famous sights (of which there are plenty in Budapest) but rather on local events and unusual history. The mission is available in Hungarian and English, so you can also try your luck when visiting Budapest next time. It might be a good idea to get a local to help though as otherwise riddles like this might be tricky:

Do not look at the girl!

Last straw? Banking-replacement? Magic? While the ancient alchemists strived to transform base metals to gold, the well-known owner of this outlet transforms gold into Hungarian Ft and produces remarkably tasteful commercials at the same time. In some sense this represents the opposite of one of the figures in another riddle. Another possible hint: despite common sense the shop does not sell chess figures.

Here are some press reports about the game:
Budapester Zeitung (German)
HIR24 (Hungarian)
Nepszava (Hungarian)
Kulturpart (Hungarian)

We would like to thank the great guys from the PLACCC team again for inviting us and the great organization! Köszönöm!


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